Welcome to Terraless

If you dare …  enter the magical land of Terraless, where only the emerging supernatural skills of one bow-girl stand between death administered by swordsmen aplenty to a young, enslaved population, a world where daylight continues without interruption, never seeming to end, but continually diminishing as each new sleep and wake period passes by, and freedom is a new concept that the oppressed and young serfs have never even contemplated. 

Light comes from a living creature, darkness is unknown, bread the staple diet, sourced from never-failing and never-ending wheat fields, life-sustaining water from a new well, cats big and small, both fur-covered and human.  A good-versus evil, heroes and villains, tender-crisp tale with excitement, mystery, tension, and our bow-girl’s gradually unfolding understanding of her crucial mission: to travel with her new-found friends and an implacable enemy, farther and ever higher, so that she can save Terraless from death or enslavement, repression or fear… but most immediately from an impending, never-ending darkness.  Some dare to risk their own lives to help, whilst the enemy sends his brutal soldiers and a fearsome assassin to wipe out the travelers and re-enslave the rebels.

Hoping you find yourself as you get lost in Terraless…


Written in a young-to-adult style, without coarse language and overt sensuality, with fast-paced action and engaging personalities, this story opens the saga of the magical, unearthly world of Terraless, hidden from humanity – except those who have been marooned there by a sadistic, power-hungry ruler that plans to maim this new world and then plunge our own planet into anarchical darkness.